Building a bridge to a sustainable future

With cleaner, greener and more sustainable fuel alternatives

About Oceania Biofuels

We want to help change how fuel is sourced and produced for vehicles in Australia and beyond.

Oceania Biofuels is building Australia’s first world class sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel plant that will turn waste and renewable feedstocks into low carbon fuel.

Alongside a consortium of iconic partners from Australia and around the world, we will make this happen by bringing together world class technology and the best minds and experience in renewable fuel.

This is an exciting leap for Australia’s energy industry – producing greener alternative fuels to reduce emissions from planes and vehicles, while creating a bridge to a sustainable future.

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Benefits of Biofuel

Ready to fuel today’s engines

Sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel is a direct substitute for mineral diesel and jet fuel.

Significant reduction in carbon emissions

Sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel used in vehicles and planes substantially reduce carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels.

Zero-waste production model

Using green electricity, renewable hydrogen and carbon offsets.

Use of waste to make sustainable fuel

Using locally sourced feedstock including tallow and used cooking oil for aviation fuel and renewable diesel.

Creation of a new export industry

Contributing to fuel options for Australian industries.

Creation of 60 direct and 500 indirect jobs


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