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About Oceania Biofuels

We want to help change how we source and produce fuel.

Oceania Biofuels is a forward-thinking company, committed to reducing human contribution to climate change by utilising renewable resources to help fuel the transportation industry in carbon-neutral ways. We have the resources in the biofuel sector and experience in project development to deliver projects globally on a timely and profitable basis.

Our founders are seasoned executives experienced in all aspects of the biofuels and renewable energy industries. Eastern Australia affords a unique opportunity for Oceania Biofuels to locate a biofuel facility to service local and international markets.

The proposed Australian project will be a world class facility using existing feedstock supply chains and world class proven technology.

Environment & Sustainability

Oceania Biofuels is committed to creating a Project that is respectful of the Environment and Society.
  • The Project is primarily driven by the need to meet the energy needs of society in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way.
  • The project will primarily source sustainably produced feedstock, such as waste vegetable oils and animal fats.
  • Electrical needs will be supplied from renewable sources.
  • The plant will manufacture “Blue” hydrogen for its needs and will eventually source “Green” Hydrogen from the local area (expected to come online in within the next 3 years).
  • The Project is committed to working towards a “Zero Waste” production model.
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Oceania Biofuels is committed to creating a Project that is respectful of the Environment and Society.
  • The Project is committed to creating local high value employment and supporting local farmers.
  • The Project will create an estimated 50 new direct jobs. Indirect new jobs are estimated at 400.
  • The Project understands that innovation and performance are enhanced by encouraging a diverse workforce and instilling a sense of positive social impact.
  • A Diversity and Inclusivity Officer will be part of the Project’s Executive Team.
  • The Project is committed to ensuring the animal-based feedstock for the process is collected in a humane manner. All suppliers will be audited for compliance with animal welfare principles.


Oceania Biofuels recognises that the Project’s long-term success requires an effective environmental, social and governance strategy.
  • Rising expectations from stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees and communities, indicate that high ESG performance translates to better access to capital, talent and business opportunities.
  • Oceania’s long-term approach allows consideration of both direct and indirect financial impacts that may stem from social or environmental risks and opportunities.
  • This long-term strategy promotes the Company’s consideration of potential regulatory developments, industry norms, stakeholder concerns, as well as opportunities for innovation.

Meet the team

Michael Everton

25+ experience in the biofuels industry in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Developed and constructed biofuels plants worldwide. Experienced executive with over a decade in the procurement of low carbon feedstock and the sales of biofuels.

Kenneth Brown

30+ years of energy, renewable energy, and alternative fuels project development for large companies and start-ups. 10 years as a construction contract and litigation attorney. Former CEO and developer of 3 U.S. biodiesel facilities.

David Vinson

Seasoned director and executive in multiple Australian chemical and new technology businesses. Instrumental in launching many companies in the chemical, marketing services, biofuel and recycling industries, including construction and operations of one of Australia’s first bio-chemical based fuel plants.

David McKenzie

Key designer of many biodiesel plants worldwide. 20+ years experience in the biofuels industry with extensive biodiesel plant management experience. Lead commissioning engineer on numerous greenfield biofuel facilities.


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