Our Australian Project

About Oceania Biofuel’s proposed alternative fuel project in north Queensland.

About the Gladstone Project

An exciting leap for Australia’s energy industry

The proposed Australian project will be a world class facility using existing feedstock supply chains and world class proven technology, built in the Yarwun Industrial Precinct in Gladstone, Queensland.

This is an exciting opportunity for Queensland and for Australia, creating regional jobs and a new export industry that will provide decarbonised options for Australia’s fuel requirements.

Why now?

The future is vehicles that run on green energy, such as electricity, hydrogen, and batteries.

To create a bridge to that future and to make progress in industries that can’t easily adopt hydrogen or batteries, we need a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable fuel alternative that will reduce carbon emissions.

Current biofuel options available in Australia require engine modifications, additional technology, or blending. Oceania Biofuel’s renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel is a like-for-like fuel that can go directly into today’s engines and substantially reduce carbon emissions for those vehicles.

Sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel are the greenest available fuel alternatives that can be used in our planes and vehicles today while the world develops new technologies to power the vehicles of the future.

Oceania Biofuels is creating a bridge to that future by building Australia’s largest sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel plant.

How does it work?

The new purpose built plant will use sustainable feedstock including tallow, used cooking oil, and canola, all sourced in Australia, to produce sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel.

When will it happen?

Development of the plant has already commenced. Construction will commence in January 2023 and the plant can be fuelling vehicles and planes in Australia by 2025.


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